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The world of AxE is replete with unique lore.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Creation of the Two Worlds[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, the two primordial forces of creation—Order and Chaos—battled for control of the realm. Being evenly matched and neither gaining ground, they ceased their battle and agreed to create separate worlds, one for each of them to rule over. These forces became beings of immense, god-like power. The God of Order, Benuv and The Lord of Chaos, Kaidan.

Benuv’s realm followed the laws of cause and effect, leaving nothing to chance and everything having its designed purpose. Kaidan’s lands were filled with Demons and creatures who only wished to serve themselves, always striving for more power. However, within this chaos, potential and possibility thrived.

In order to flaunt his power, Benuv created the Elves and the Giants. He also bestowed his divine blessing upon them to help their civilizations grow and prosper. To help guide these races and maintain order in the realm, Benuv gave life to the 7 Archangels and manifested divine relics throughout the land.

As Benuv’s power was spread thin, the inquisitive and intelligent Giants began to experiment with powerful magics. Eventually their King discovered a way to create a rift in the boundaries of the realm, though he had no idea where it would lead. This rift extended beyond the domain of Benuv and Kaidan and came to rest in the in the land of the Dragons. Initially angry with the Giants for introducing the unknown into his realm, after meeting with the Dragons Benuv was fascinated by them. So much so, that he allowed the rift to remain open and continued to build relations with the Dragons.

While Benuv was busy flaunting his power, Kaidan was sowing chaos throughout his world. He also created divine relics and scattered them across the lands, though his were not a blessing. His creations sought only to increase their own strength and through the use of these relics, they could attain immense power. The fighting over these relics was constant and Kaidan’s power continued to grow through the chaos.

The Invasion[edit | edit source]

Then, Kaidan discovered the rift created by the Giants, a way into Benuv’s realm. Seeing an opportunity, Kaidan created 3 Archfiends to organize an invasion force. Once Kaidan had amassed his forces he lead them through the rift. Caught off guard and without any defenses, Benuv was easily pushed back. He began to lose his power as his realm was thrown into the chaos of war.

The Archangels, Elves, Giants, and even the Dragons fought against the forces of chaos, but to no avail. Eventually Kaidan overpowered Benuv and sealed him away, merging the two worlds into a single one, sealing the rift. Kaidan then turned his sights to the Giants. Slaughtering the entire race to prevent them from reopening the rift.

The Creation of the Dwarves and Humans[edit | edit source]

With Benuv sealed and Kaidan’s forces running rampant, the Elves, Dragons, and 3 remaining Archangels went into hiding or fought to survive. With the worlds now combined and both chaos and order existing in one place, some of the Elves began to change, becoming entirely new races. Those who sought shelter underground became the Dwarves. The Elves who wandered the lands and fought for their survival became known as Humans. These Humans had drastically reduced lifespans, but a huge potential for growth due to the influence of Kaidan’s corruption.

Benuv’s Revival[edit | edit source]

However, Kaidan was not satisfied with simply sealing Benuv. He wanted to completely destroy his rival and began gathering his strength for a final blow. The Elves, Dwarves, and Humans gathered at the last temple of Benuv, where he was sealed, to defend him in a final stand against Kaidan.

They fought valiantly, but Kaidan’s forces were proving too much for them. Just as all hope seemed lost, the surviving Archangels and the Dragons joined the battle, turning the tide of the battle in their favor! They had been gathering Benuv’s relics and studying them in order to undo the seal. With the power of those relics and the knowledge of the Dragons, the seal was broken and Benuv was revived!

The Mystic War[edit | edit source]

Now prepared for battle, Benuv pushed Kaidan back and the great Mystic War began. The world began to crack and shatter, creating the 3 continents, as the clashes between the gods intensified. As time went on Benuv’s power began to wane once again. The chaos and constant fighting weakening him further while giving Kaidan strength. In one final offensive push against Kaidan’s stronghold, Benuv allowed himself to be sealed in order to seal Kaidan away with him. His last orders were to seal the relics and artifacts so Kaidan could not be revived.

With the gods sealed, the races took to wiping out the remaining forces of the Lord of Chaos hoping that this would finally bring peace to the lands. Little did they know, the peace they sought was not to last.